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We need to take care of our skin as it is the largest sensory organ of the body, so taking care of the skin is not a vain thing to do. You may think that a dry skin is just a phase but it’s not. As your skin has started to age and hence has decreased the production of a very important protein called collagen.

Collagen and water form 75% of the skin. Once it starts to break down you start experiencing dryness and patchy, uneven skin tone. Your skin starts to sag too. Factors such as sun exposure, pollution, smoking or passive smoking, unhealthy diet or late nights, stress or any other medical conditions create more trouble for your skin.

If you have crossed 25 years of age then it’s time you start including anti-aging serum like Luxia No 7 collagen serum into your skincare routine. Applying moisturizer and sunscreen is not enough anymore.

Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum is easily the ideal one-stop solution to all your skin problems. The serum combats and slows down aging process. Your skin needs lots of collagen to maintain its firmness, freshness, and smoothness.

This is where Luxia No 7 collagen serum comes into the scene. It boosts collagen production using natural ingredients in the skin without causing any side effects.

Signs Of Skin Aging:

  • Rough and Dull skin
  • Loose and saggy skin
  • Patchy and discolored skin
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Age spots a.k.a dark spots
  • Under eye dark circles, Puffiness and bags under eyes

Ingredients Of Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum:

Trylagen PCB

The combination of active peptides and proteins that provide an effective treatment to restore the collagen levels of youth and mature skin, maintaining an adequate long-lasting collagen function that will ensure a healthy and youthful skin.


This natural ingredient derived is a non-endangered species of herbs found in South-Africa. It is known to boost natural interactions between collagen fibers and fibroblasts and tighten the skin from within.

Luxia No 7 Results

Benefits Of Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum:

  • Luxia No. 7 collagen serum is a proprietary formula specially made to get rid of and prevent all the signs of aging. It restores your skin to the glorious youthful look by boosting collagen production. The non-invasive formula gives your skin a natural plumpness, softness, and suppleness.
  • You’ll notice an increase in collagen production and depletion in its break down. This maintains the fairness and elasticity of the skin.
  • A boost in collagen reduces fine line and wrinkles and prevents furthermore occurrences.
  • Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum helps eradicate free radicals, thus slowing down the aging process of the skin.
  • The natural extracts repair any damage caused due to sun or pollution and also acts as a layer of protection from the sun.
  • There are also ways to enhance effects of Luxia

Luxia No 7 Benefits

Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum VS Derma Fillers

As stated earlier, Luxia No 7 is made from natural ingredients. This means there are very fewer chances of any side effects. All the ingredients in the serum are dedicated to increasing collagen level and maintain it. If you are not getting desired results, all you need to do is adjust the amount of product you apply on your skin. The blend of Trylagen PCB and Gatuline has been tried and tested on various skin types with no side effects as results.

Dermal Fillers, on the other hand, are injected through needles. They are nothing but artificial collage or any other protein. Your skin develops immunity to these fillers after some time which renders them useless. This can cause various side effects, like loss of senses in the injected area, muscle stiffness and permanent disfigurement of the face. Are you willing to take this risk or want slow but steady results?

Where To Buy Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum?

Luxia No 7 comes in an internet exclusive offer only and can be bought here. It is not available at your local store. You can order Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum in very simple and easy steps. All you have to do is follow the link and fill out the details. You will receive the product in a safe and secure package within a week via FedX or UPS or USPS. You need not buy a whole bottle of the serum; you can opt for Risk-Free Trial, where you pay only shipping and handling charges.  The online payment is 256 Bit Encrypted Secure connection.

Luxia No 7 Risk Free Trial

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Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum
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56 Responses to Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum

  1. Luxia No. 7 serum is really nice on my eyes I love the way it goes on. plus it dries quickly so you dont have to worry about it getting into your eyes or anywhere else. Simply use this and then continue with your beauty routine or hed to bed. It wont get on your bed sheets or pillow. Seems like it is helping with my dark circles.

  2. I really like this serum, the scent is natural and not strong at all. It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. I was surprised that its actually a night serum. The directions say to apply at night after cleansing. However, its not heavy or oily so I think its fine to use during the day as well.

  3. Im almost 40 and when I saw that this product was all natural, and after reading so many positive reviews, I was anxious to try it. Besides, it really couldnt hurt at this point. Its been about 3 weeks now, and after using this daily, my skin is more supple, youthful, luminescent, soft, smooth, and much more balanced than it has ever been. Ive noticed that it stays consistently smooth, and that my complexion is more stable.

  4. This is an awesome product and I thank you for making this transaction a very pleasant one. I am enjoying the use of this product!

  5. This product does everything as promised I have been since for 30 days and I have seen excellent results i highly recommend this product

  6. Luxia No 7 is a fab cream My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. Luxia No 7 has made this possible

  7. I am getting old but not gracefully. I am fighting it tooth and nail or at least the appearance of it on my face. Once I hit thirty five it was like my body send out signals saying for lines to start appearing. I have had quite a while to use this cream and I have to say I really love it. Its not the fountain of youth, but it did a good job of smoothing out my face and neck. My lines are there, but a lot less noticeable. My skin feels plumper and doesnt look as dry.
    Winters are brutal here so my skin takes a pounding. I love knowing that this serum helps fix the damage mother nature does! I also really like it doesnt have a heavy medicinal smell. It has a soft pleasant aroma. The serum goes on smooth and doesnt leave a nasty film on my face. My skin hasnt looked this healthy in years. The pump top assures that I dont get too much. I get just enough to put a nice layer on my skin. It absorbs quickly and neatly. I can even put makeup on right after if I want to. I couldnt be happier with this cream. Overall a terrific product.

  8. Luxia No 7 has managed to target the crows feel and fret lines effectively. I feel super happy with the results that I have got out of wrinkless cream. highly recommend the same.

  9. My face is really dry and sensitive, I have to be careful of what I use on it, or I break out bad. I’ve been using this religiously for about a week now, and my face is so soft, and moisturized I can’t even believe it! It doesn’t make my face greasy like other products do, nor does it make me break out as bad as some do! A little bit goes a long way, I don’t feel oily or greasy at the end of the day after using this either!

  10. This is a fantastic serum , great bargain for the price . It contains which really does the job against fine lines and dull skin . This leaves your skin dewy, healthy looking and diminished the appearance of fine lines without leaving a residue or feeling greasy . It sinks in fast , can be used under make up or under your normal moisturizer. Use an spf during the day in case it makes the skin a little sensitive to sunlight and you will be delighted with this and it’s results.

  11. I love Luxia no.7 collagen serum!. when I saw that they came out with just as light and creamy lotion, and has a very nice scent to it. Nothing perfumy at all. It goes on light and smooth, and absorbs quickly, leaving a soft, finished feeling to my skin. I am so glad I found Luxia no.7 collagen serum, and I will be a long-time customer.

  12. I’m very impressed with this serum. I have troubled skin, I’m in my mid 30s and starting to develop laugh lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I have noticed that has helped those seem to disappear. Also, I have adult acne that has been horrific! I love how this has helped my skin improve in clarity and glow as well. It’s gentle and soothing, and all natural. I don’t get the sticky need to wash my hands feeling after applying it. I enjoy the scent.

  13. I love how this makes my skin feel. I put it on before bedtime. It is a thicker liquid but not a gel. It absorbs quickly and didn’t feel sticky. I just place a couple of drops on my fingers and gently rub it into my skin. Being in my 40’s now, I am always looking for something to keep my skin healthy and younger looking. I am loving the results of this serum.

  14. I use it on my face to help diminish the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and lighten sun spots. There is no sticky feeling when applied and really no smell so it just goes on very easy and works well under my sunscreen. I’m seeing diminished crows feet as well as lightened sunspots after about a week of use. I love that this product is fast absorbing an nongreasy and I plan to continue using it in my skin care regimen.

  15. It leaves my skin feeling so much softer and smoother. When I apply makeup after using the moisturizer, it goes on so smoothly. Love this stuff. I can see myself only using this product from now on.

  16. I got this serum at a great price, and it is wonderful! Really nice smelling, smooth and makes my skin brighter and definitely more moisturized.

  17. I love this face cream it’s amazing I was in a wow after I used this product the result was amazing I loved the way my face felt after using it I’m so pleased with this product and my recommendations are go for it, it’s definitely effective and worth the money!

  18. I am somewhat new to serums, so I was slightly unsure what to expect. This spreads well- a little goes a long way. I makes my skin feel tight, and becomes more comfortable once I apply moisturizer over it. It lays well under makeup, which was important to me. I have noticed a visible reduction in fine lines after two weeks of use. I will definitely be buying this again.

  19. I love the way this serum absorbs into my skin quickly, I have a very oily skin and for me works great!! . My skin looks much better after almost 2 week of using it day and night. I can completely feel and see a difference in the complexion of my skin. I will definitively buy again. you should try this!!!

  20. I love this serum and I am presently combining it with a couple of other products and I love it!!!! I am using your product and I am seeing an unbelievable change. I wasn’t going to post anything because I didn’t want anyone to think I was imagining or lying about the benefit of this serum, BUT, I can honestly say I will be purchasing it again. BTW, I’m 66 years old and thought I would never again have a glowing complexion.

  21. I have been using this product and I love how it makes your face feel soft, renewed and refreshed. I highly would recommend it for your wife, sister or mother. It comes in a nice elegant pump bottle. Well done!! Defiantly have a long time customer here 🙂

  22. I would recommend to every and any woman who wants clear, toned, well maintained skin for years to come! I love it

  23. Your skin look beautiful after few days of using Luxia daily moisturizer. The skin becomes soft and gentle on touch with less visible lines, especially around eyes!!!

  24. Amazing product. I have been using this product for 1 year. I am still young but I have no signs of aging and at this point many of my friends are starting. Also helped me through my acne phase. It is definitely a thicker cream.

  25. This stuff works great — it handles eczema and dryness really well and for people without those conditions it is probably great too. The package and bottle likely account for 1/2 the price, but it is the only thing I have found that works this well.

  26. In just this short period of time, with once daily use, it has completely cleared up the dry, red, crusty, itchy spots between my eyebrows, the sides of my nose and the corners of my mouth. It has also greatly diminished the discoloration on my cheekbones and above my upper lip (this one looked much like a thin mustache, I hated it). I have tried bleaching creams, scrubs, etc., to no avail, but this product actually does all that the manfacturer says it will do. It seems to break down the discoloration and start to remove it first in the area which is not the thickest and goes on to the most prominent parts. This product goes on smoothly, is not greasy, absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and revitalized. It only takes a small amount to cover the face and neck area. I am noticing a difference in the reduction of the crow’s feet in the corners of my eyes and in the smoothness of the neck area. This product has worked fast and great for me.

  27. This stuff is the best to to use on your skin and face. I could not live without this! So much easier and quicker to use than lotions and creams. I use the serum on my face and dry skin and it looks and feels great.

  28. This product immediately erases fine lines and wrinkles! I am not sure about long-term effects as I’ve only been using it for a month, but as a cosmetic step in the morning it is a miracle worker.

  29. I love how I am able to improve the appearance of my skin with all natural ingredients. It’s fast become a part of my regular beauty regime and I’m not going back.

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