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Every woman wants to look young and beautiful forever. For that, your skin needs collagen, in a right amount. To take care of the largest organ skin, you require more than sunscreen and moisturizer. You’ll need protection from sun damage and pollution as well as repairing after your skin exposed to alcohol, stress, cigarette smoking, late night parties and unhealthy diet. Soothing agents like Trylagen PCB is available in skincare product like Luxia No 7. Along with this serum, you will need more weapons in your arsenal.

Luxia No 7 Collagen Serum

This collagen boosting serum is used to keep those wrinkles, fine lines, underage dark circles, dark spots and saggy skin away. Serums are exceptionally concentrated water based product with active components. Luxia No 7 is a serum contains all the natural ingredients, so it does not have any kind of side effects. To get maximum effect from it, take a pea sized quantity on your finger tip and massage on your face in circular motion. You will not see the result instantly but it shows the result in a week so be patience. This serum provides boost collagen, hydration and removes free radicals. See detailed benefits here.

Luxia No 7 Results


Cleansing of the skin is very essential. You need to remove the dead cells and dirt from your skin. Choose cleanser according to your skin type. Make sure cleanser has smoothing components like lavender, which will heal your disturbed skin. Take a willing amount of cleansing milk on a cotton pad and softly scrubbing it against the face in a circular motion will remove dirt even from insides of the skin pores. The circular motion will increase the blood flow and effectively all toxins will be discarded from skin.

Night Mask

Night masks are an excellent way to seal all the nutrients and moisture of the above products. There’s no use of purchasing any expensive face mask, you can simply make one for yourself by using ingredients from your kitchen. The combination of oats and honey makes the best mask. It is suggested to use night mask once a week. It provides suppleness and firmness.

Night cream

A night cream must be used at night because at night skin regeneration process is at its best level. With an insignificant upgrade from a night cream, your skin will regenerate faster and repair damages. Application of night cream twice a week is enough to cause your skin to fissure out. But if you use Luxia No 7 daily, there is no need of applying night cream at all.

At night, your body temperature is best and production of skin cells is excellent. Skin absorbs skin care products easily at night and this also enhances the production of collagen.

But implementing all these products every day may prevent the cell regeneration of your skin. Take a break from skin care products and let your skin breath once a while.

Where To Buy Luxia No 7?

Buy Luxia No 7 for a radiant and young skin. It is available on the internet only. Click on given link and provide necessary details and get a Risk Free Trial. Pay only the shipping and handling charges.

Luxia No 7 Risk Free Trial

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